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Product parameters


Condensate Pump

PC-12B / PC-36B


• Max flow rate at 760 L/H

• Anti-backflow design

• 4L water tank

• Easy to take, easy to clean

• Dual float control design

• Easy to assemble

• CE Certificate

Technical Date: 

Model PC-12B PC-36B
Voltage 100-230V/50-60Hz
Discharge Head Max. 10m (33Ft)
Flow Rate 18L/h(4.8GPH) 36L/h(9.6GPH)
Tank Capacity 35ml
Mini Splits up to 8KW(30000btu/hr) 15KW(45000btu/hr)
Sound Level 19DB(A) 21DB(A)
Ambient Temp. 0-50 
Power consumption 3W
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